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How to Make Knife Party ‘Destroy Them with Lasers’ Sound in NI Massive

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A nice in-depth NI Massive video tutorial showing how you can make the signature laser sound from such popular tracks as Destroy Them With Lasers by Knife Party.

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Laser Attack!

This sweet sound FX will shred in the clubs!

YouTube user takes the time to go into detail of how and why each step of the process happens the way it does. As with most sounds created in Massive, you need to consider how each parameter adjustment can affect any other parameter at play and he makes sure to explain the important aspects and charcteristics of knob he touches along the way. Adding exciting FX like this one to your music will introduce a new dynamic to your sound that will really capture the attention of your audience and imprint your song in their memory. If you liked this video and have interest in checking out more of Multiplier’s stuff, you can visit some of his links below.


  • chartsoverHearts

    Nice informative tutorial! I always appreciate when people explain what they are doing instead of listing _o’clock, xo’clock, zo’clock. Also I really appreciated your enthusiasm for LAZERS! Very entertaining. :) thanks for the video,

  • Tony Capps

    Who is this guy!? LOVE the energy and love for the music. If you taught math Id be an engineer son!

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