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NI Massive Performer – Advanced Bass Techniques

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A truly great NI Massive tutorial lifting the veil on how to get some seriously cool sounds by using Performer automations on your bass sounds.

One you begin to master the Performer (and the other controllers within NI Massive, for that matter) you truly do begin to unleash the hidden power of this powerhouse of a synth. Massive is capable of elevating your simple sounds into a whole new level of complexity with just a few clicks of the mouse and a couple turns of the dials. Spend some time going through the different types of curves and experimenting what kind of effect they have upon your sounds while automating the parameters you have assigned them to. Sometimes the most subtle of differences like this can make your song really come to life and stand apart from the rest.

NI Massive Performer Modulator – Advanced Bass Techniques


Massive performer example advanced bass techniques using the Massive VST from Native Instruments. Iceman Beats.

  • jeniber

    nice drum samples…

  • acidlabz

    You could have come up with something way cooler than that using the technique.

  • Tasbo1982

    Visit my site for 27 heavy dubstep wobble patches and 2 free tutorials

  • chrissphinx

    aww man no don’t use the performer :(

  • HaxUK

    This minus modulation = porn music..?

  • Denoize206

    ice man blows… quit making beats and go to school and get an edjucation your gonna need it.

  • genocideFX

    my 3xosc cryes

  • SoundTroopers

    @mxtheriault the beats quite good you couldnt get a snare like that.

  • virtualmark

    i think you should rename this video ‘a beginners guide to using the performer lfo’, i’d hardly say this is advanced use of this feature.

  • antmartainexperience

    Iceman beats…kids.

  • Eclipsepoland

    @mxtheriault then your probably beginner :( … take some 20 years of training ( like the author of this vid ) and then watch this again … sometimes things are to advanced for us knuckleheads

  • MrHypeProductions

    Check my instrumentals on MrHypeProductions

  • Brandschatzen

    this is bad and you should feel bad

  • thedjesa


  • eraser

    very nice tutorial! ty!

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