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How To Make A Kick With NI Massive

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How to go about making a solid kick drum using NI Massive.

A good bass drum beat is essential to any good song, and you can achieve a great sounding kick by using NI Massive. Yes, that’s right, this incredibly versatile, huge synth can really do it all. In fact, it is really quite simple to do and with all of the effects and inserts at your disposal within Massive, you may not have to tweak the sound at all in your DAW to get the sound you really want for your music. This easy to follow video will walk you through the basics.

  • gwencharlotte


  • DustbunnyCreations

    thanks for your help/guide!!!!

  • wwwJoJoGocom

    adobe photoshop !

  • TheMattW75

    what is this programme called ?

  • wwwJoJoGocom


  • aaustinnn

    what does the yellow control in the corner that he applied at the very beginning do?

  • wwwJoJoGocom

    yes, should work on demo also.

  • DannyKerbel

    does this work on the demo? the number below the pitch is absent in mine, and when i move level and decay up or down, nothing happens

  • wwwJoJoGocom

    just wrote midi notes in my sequencer

  • onetotreefor

    hey, nice!
    how did you make/get that beat?

  • abcdefgdmfgklfd

    standalone version! (:


    hrm…. did you just try the standalone version? Or did you try using it in a DAW?

  • abcdefgdmfgklfd

    Could someone tell me why I don’t have sound?
    I downloaded it, try the demo version, just to look if it works, but there’s no sound ;o
    checked 999 things but I don’t know =(

    reply pls

  • blaker9333

    do u have to have a built in mic to record on fl studio 9??

  • r0bbick11

    great tutorial thanks so much *5*

  • wwwJoJoGocom


    FROM OSC 1, yes from scratch… default sound

  • shafferfs

    Where is the initial oscilation coming from? Are you starting from scratch?

  • thedevo01

    Perfect for minimal.. perfect.

  • bakbees

    I cant find out how to make a kick sound with multiple osc, when I have more than one it becomes flanging and non constant

  • tintala

    totall agree and have siad this many time!

  • MBnjmn

    keyboard no, midi controller yes.

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