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Skrillex Style Wobble Bass in NI Massive

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Tutorial on how to make a Skrillex style wobble in Massive without re-sampling. Its not perfect but sounds pretty close to me.

There are, of course, a ton of ways to get close to the signature sounds that Skrillex is most famous for within the dubstep genre and NI Massive is a beast of a tool to get the job done with! This is a nice approach, as it leaves plenty of space for you to add your own personal touches and shape it to fit your projects just the way you like. It is also a quick way to get the job done because there is no layering of multiple instruments in your DAW or resampling needed to achieve the desired effect of a complex bass sound that guys like Skrillex, Datsik and countless others have built there careers on.

Skrillex Massive patches available here

  • Lo

    Yo dude that sound is sick !!!

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