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Slide, Metallic, Neuro Bass

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Slide, Metallic, Neuro Bass tutorial by Jimmy King

Tutorial to make this bass sound

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Slide, Metallic, Neuro Bass tutorial by Jimmy King

In the example the first clip has plugins enabled, and the second clip has plugins disabled. This is a bass which is very simple to do in Massive, but by adding distortion, compression and a range of filters you can give it an unlimited amount of tone and texture.

Native Instruments Massive

All I have done for this bass is use 2 saw waves. Oscillator 1 has a square saw wave II on minimum intensity, so all it’s doing is filling out the low EQ. All of the texture is coming from oscillator 3, where I have a standard square saw wave. On the 1st screenshot you can see how I have set up the voicing panel. All I have done is turn pitch cutoff on and very slightly pulled the slider to the right to give the bass some width by detuning it. I have the voicing parameters set to max 5 and unison 4. I also have the bass setup as monophonic and the trigger set to ‘always’ so that the notes pitch slide from one to the next when overlapped. Oscillator 3 is pitched down 12 semitones from oscillator 1.

Native Instruments Massive

I am using LFO 7 to control the lowpass on filter 2. Filter 1 is set up just incase I decided to switch to it, but as you can see in the ‘mix’ slider, only filter 2 is to be heard for this bass. All I am doing is controlling the rate of LFO 7 using automation in Logic. I have the notes set to restart, and synch is turned off.

Native Instruments Massive

Glide time is automated along with LFO 7.
Native Instruments Massive

Here are the plugins I am using for this bass. Any one of these plugins can be automated to increase the variation in the way the bass sounds. I sometimes automated the distortion and a low pass filter.

And that’s simply how I did this bass.


I produce D&B and dub-step under the name Urban Unreality. All of my tracks use NI Massive. My site is @ and all of my tracks are free to download. I am offering to do 5 free remixes to anyone who is interested. I help run an online TV show with our band The Dirty Rich @ which features some wicked live electronic music. The Dirty Rich use Massive for almost all of their basses. Check out the show, and if you are a band that want to feature on it, get in touch:

  • Kyle

    This is a pretty incomplete tutorial. The end result doesn't yield anything close to the sample, and without the plugins he used I wouldn't expect it to.

  • Jason

    Yeah, it WOULD be a cool sound and tutorial, but you pretty much end up with a video game 'Bloop!'. Not much point to it.

  • breakitdown

    Hey Jason – yeah i removed the tutorial and asked the author to go a bit more in depth on what he did with the other plug ins… but got no reply! So the tutorial is removed off the main blog (did you find this on Google?)

    Sorry about that.

  • Jason

    Actually no, it was in the 'related posts'. In fact, there's a few things in there you won't find find just by looking through the tutorials main page.

  • breakitdown

    Ah you've probably stumbled on some of the "members" posts.

    I'm not to hot on WordPress, so these things arn't hidden when they should be.


  • KidOcty

    The plugins are shown at the end but not in full. The best way would be to add them gradually and tweak until you get something YOU are happy with. The only plugin shown is the first eq which is at the top underneath the setting button in the picture. For anyone who is not used to using Logics channel strips the plugins are
    1. Guitar Rig (probably for distortion and compression)
    2. HiPass Filter
    3. LoPass filter
    4. PSP Nitro (filter)
    5. 2 EQs (the first is the one shown in the diagram)
    6. EVOC filter bank (filter)
    7. PSP Vintage Warmer (compressor/ limiter)
    8. EQ
    9. Bitcrusher
    10.LoPass Filter

    And they run in series in that order


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