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SUB BASS Secrets in Native Instruments MASSIVE

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Sub bass is one of the most elusive and critical parts of electronic and digital music production, although tricky at first, there are some very basic rules, that is followed, will help you get the sound you want every time and NI Massive makes it easy.

This helpful video tutorial will show you how to go about creating sub bass quickly and easily in Massive and you will probably end up coming back to this simple technique time and time again for years to come. Who knew adding serious low end and depth to your songs could be this easy!

  • dopemcee sort of disappointed i didnt hear the "vespers…vespers veeeeeeeesssssssppppppeeeers" intro..

    i feel cheated…

  • DJVespers

    @FinalFragment Nice work mate. Cheers!

  • DJVespers

    @Extremequip4u Nice tips. Thanks mate!

  • DJVespers

    @sammypotato You’re welcome. Thanks for watching!

  • DJVespers

    @riskzerobeatz Totally.

  • DJVespers

    @neo36uk Yeah, sometimes simple is better. Cheers!

  • FinalFragment

    @FinalFragment I figured out a way to get close to what I was looking for now. I used the 1 Env with a rather high decay and no level, then it sweeps from the pitch settings down to the sub freq.

    Thanks for the tut :)

  • sammypotato

    you are a helpful fellow. cheers

  • riskzerobeatz

    Good tutorial. Sub base is just a modulated sinewave nothing too fancy.

  • KillTheFiasco

    thanks man :D, synthesized kicks..
    Is it only used to layer sampled kicks or can it be used to make your own kick like in logic?

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