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TheNonWho Does NI Massive – Episode 3

Posted on 14th October, by SteveF in Tutorials for Massive, Video. No Comments
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Another installment of a cool series where we have given a rare behind-the-scenes look at the workflow of a fellow NI Massive user.

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We are back with the third installment of the new NI Massive video tutorial series from YouTube user . In the first two episodes we were allowed a rare glimpse into the unhindered workflow of a fellow Massive user going about his usual routine creating bass lines and lead synth sounds for his projects. This time he is back to show us how he makes his gliding formant lead sounds.

As always, if you like what he is doing, support him! And if you have some feedback, leave a comment below and let him know what you think. We have also included some handy links to some of his social profiles if you wish to keep tabs on what he he has going on – including one to his FREE newly released EP.






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