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TST’s Dubstep Bass Wobble Tutorial

Posted on 23rd July, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive. 5 Comments
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An in-depth 13 part video series explaining how to get that Dubstep bass wobble out of Native Instrument’s Massive. A must watch for all disciples of Dubstep!

I stumbled across this link on the Native Instruments website by ‘thesoundtutor’.

Excellent stuff.

DJ and producer TST offers a free thirteen-part video tutorial on YouTube named “TST’s Dubstep bass workshop series”. He shows how to produce the fat bass sound typical for dubstep using MASSIVE. This tutorial is quite interesting and useful for producing other music styles as well!

13 part tutorial on how to create a Dubstep bass wobble by thesoundtutor

In his video tutorials, The Sound Tutor explores the darker sides of NI’s Massive quite thoroughly.

Starting at the most basic point of programming, The Sound Tutor manages to create a clear view of how to use Massive’s various oscillators, filters and modulators in a down to earth way so even the worst noob can understand, while still containing a lot of interesting bits for the hardcore programmers to enjoy. If you work with Massive and you are looking for the grimiest sound while still remaining full control of it’s spectrum, these tutorial are a must see!

Part 1: Introduction video

Part 2: Getting started : basic oscillator functions

Part 3: Setting the tone with Oscillators, Amp ADSR & the Modulation oscillator

Part 4: Voicing and pitch options

Part 5: Signal Routing, Filters, Effects and Noise

Part 6: Envelope and LFO modulation

Part 7: The Performer

Part 8: Modulating the modulator

Part 9: Automation

Part 10: More modulation uses for animated tone

Part 11: Creating the sub bass to go with the mid hi bass

Part 12: Technique in practice

Part 13: Technique in practice – example two

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  • asdr

    Thanks a lot for the info. Would love more!!!

  • adam


  • L.

    most comprehensive thing ive seen in YEARS

    it really helped me … now its been a couple months since ive followed these tuts.. and i really understand everything i do when i work on a softsynth… needless to say i can jump from a program to another and still be able to find my way around..

    i really feel like im sculpting sounds now…

  • TST

    Nice one for linking to this and I'm glad its hit its target of being a thorough guide to dubstep bass, in particular with Massive.

    I re-watch it myself to remind myself of good little technique for easy variation etc.

    Thanks again


  • NATS

    Cool tutorials! I’m also doing some new tutorials, maybe you like them! Tomorrow I’ll upload a new dubstep tutorial at



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