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Tuto MAO : NI Massive White Noise DIDGUITARE

Posted on 24th December, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive, Video. 3 Comments
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Learn how you can use the Noise oscillator in NI massive to create incredibly unique sounds, and you may learn a little French too!

The noise oscillator is often under estimated in what it can bring to your projects. It can create a quick pair of hi-hats for you, or add atmosphere to your pads, take the digital edge off instruments to provide a more analog feel and it can do many more things you may not ever even imagine it can unless you begin to truly experiment with it. The options available to you within the noise oscillator in NI Massive actually give you a wide range of possibilities and you should feel encouraged to play around with all of them and get to know them a bit better.


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  • kamilbam

    le noise xD

  • soulwithoutamind

    learn some english man
    i did

  • jaymerko


    i didn’t understand but i understand

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