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Dubstep Wobble Bass with Massive

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Learn how to easily make a professional sounding dubstep wobble bass using NI Massive.

This is the first tutorial from The Synthesist, covering the process behind making a Dubstep wobble bass sound.

This video shows the use of Native Instruments MASSIVE synthesizer, which shifted the paradigm for software synthesis development in late 2006. MASSIVEs fat, analog sound is unique to the soft-synth world, offering a wide scope of sound design possibilities. But underneath all that, is an extremely simple-to-use, great sounding engine, that can provide some of the baddest bass tones youve ever heard.

Check out the video!

  • PHNTMBass

    I got a problem, when i play it with my keyboard it wobbles, but once i press play and try to record on FL studio theres no wobble, any help ?


    • illmindset

      I have the same problem right now in FM8. Anyone know how to fix it?

    • illmindset

      go to the LFO section in your plug in and un-tick the sync button

  • sk8ingizlyfe

    how mch does this program cost?


    cheers mate

  • djgravitate

    @XpliSitt Thanks dude!!!

  • djgravitate

    Awesome!!!!! Thanks so much I’ve been playing around for hours to find how to change the wobble speed… And its all so simple when you know how!

    Can you automate changing the wobble speed at all?

  • djfreezetexas

    @DeejnitrosBEATS go back one page in comments and answer solved

  • djfreezetexas

    @DeejnitrosBEATS yeah mine too any advice?

  • SHANTlproductions

    great tutorial

  • DeejnitrosBEATS

    Erm, whenever i put the wobble into piano roll it’s just a buzzing noise, no wobble. Help?

  • SjokkoladeBolleMusa

    Mygod this is great ;D

  • SjokkoladeBolleMusa

    I didn’t manage to bringe the one LFO ratio down to 0 : /
    And that makes the wobble go too sloooow !

  • suvarbal

    Thanks great tutorial easy to follow beats reading the manual,

  • Aztekryderz

    whats the name of this program and how do u get it?

  • vertekal

    nice vid .. thank you!

  • RaymondJokerAlva


  • mynameisjonas45

    How do you get the wobble to change up during the song?

  • kuyamark15

    How do I make the wobble go on different speeds? Like for example I want it to play at the 1/4 ratio, then 1/8 ratio for 2 beats, etc etc

  • Richie

    Good tutorial, but when I sync it only syncs the first note which lasts two beats and then it goes into a random pattern and i can't figure out why? Any ideas?

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